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Does it fix the TitanTV integration??
Forget the teams, just post pics of the cheerbabes! :)
Only WTOK (ABC) and PBS are broadcasting true HD out of Meridian. Both are on UHF so choose an antenna with good UHF performance. You might also be able to receive WCBI (CBS) out of Columbus (also UHF). I have an extra UHF antenna still in the box. Send me a Private Message if you are interested. I'll make you a good deal.
Any new bells or whistles or just bug fixes??
Quote: Originally Posted by eggz " You know you're a HTPC enthusiast when...." ... you can build a terrific computer from the old parts that you've replaced in your HTPC. So... what old parts do you have?? Might be something that I need! :D
...when you can personally identify with almost every post in this thread.
...your wife calls you at work to ask "How do you adjust the volume on this thing??" ...your wife calls you at work to say "The TV is locked up again!! What do I do??"
Just noticed that Sheryl Crow will be on my local PBS this Thursday nite.
The only way I would be interested in this service is if the movies were in WMV HD so I could get high rez yet still make a backup to a single DVD. But, this would be in direct competition with the new Blue lazer formats that Hollywood plans to make a killing off of, so that ain't gonna happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by elcamino Anybody have any experience using AC3Filter to encode 2 channel music (mp3/wma) to DD in realtime? I attempted to use this in the past with no luck... Me too. Is this possible??
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