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So it seems that you would be happy if TiVo would simply sell their device for 6 or 7 hundred dollars, and include the Lifetime Guide.
Basically they sell the TiVo hardware for a hundred or two, and the Lifetime Guide for 4 or 5 hundred. So your talking six to seven hundred total.If they sold the hardware for 4 or 5 hundred and the Lifetime Guide for a hundred or two, six or seven hundred total, would that make you feel any better?
"New" on the Listings on TiVo.comPossibly it was incorrect at Tribune, and subsequently corrected. I'm not at home so I can't check my actual TiVo hardware.Maybe if you force your TiVo to connect it will pull in the updated Listing.
Mine doesn't...
Post your questions here, the proper thread for the device you're having problems with.
I was pretty amazed that no one lost a finger during that log challenge... I would cringe every time it appeared that someone's fingers were down in the slot near the stop while the log was sliding . . .
+1OTOH, Cliff's cohorts appeared just as stunned at the outcome . . .
Why are you starting a new thread for this?
Finch speaks . . .
Why would phones that run Android 4.2 not work?
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