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I had a 73738 and Optoma DLP Link 3D glasses. Can I use them with the 82642 and with which 3D settings?
Did Mits take out the dark detailer (dynamic iris) after the 838 series? If so, do the 840 and 842 models have lower contrast ratios?
Are there any differences between the 82842 and 82840 other than the clear screen on the latter? What are people's views about the trade-off between less glare and lower contrast in the two different screens?
I think this is a temporary HDMI connection issue. I had this also. It did not disappear after turning the tv off and on, but did after turning my AV receiver off and on, which is connected to it by HDMI.
What does the "Pure Cinema" setting do? Is the phased locked loop circuit (PLL) for non-Pioneer blu-ray players automatic or does PLQS or some other setting have to be turned on? Can different settings for the various video processing options be set for each HDMI input? What settings are recommended for the video noise reduction options for Verizon FIOS (or satellite) and for blu-rays?
Do the 82838 and 82738 use the same bulb as the 73738? If so, is the 82" set too dim?
Does the 83840 have the same bulb as the 73840? Does the 73840 have the clear screen (as implied on the Mits press release), but which appears to be contradicted on the detailed specs sheet for the 840 series? Are there any differences between the 840 series and the 838 series in the DLP chips, video processors, or other features affecting picture quality? Have any improvements been made in the 840 series to reduce the reliability issues that were raised with many of...
Other than the additional 5W, is there much reason to get the VSX-LX55 instead of a discounted SC-37 or SC35?
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdune My updated VSX-33 Marvell Qdeo Settings: I changed my settings slightly again after more use and understanding more how the Marvell Qdeo settings work. V. CONV - "ON" RES- "AUTO" PCINEMA - "OFF" P. MOTION - "-4" YNR - "0" CNR - "+6" BNR - "0" MNR - "0" DETAIL - "+5" BRIGHT - "+3" CONTRAST - "-3" HUE - "0" CHROMA - "-5" I set the RES to AUTO as I now can see the benefit if I want to watch movies in...
Both Denon and Onkyo seem to have had issues with prior year models. The major features seem to be similar. The Denon has a longer warranty. Is it a better choice for this reason?
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