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Wow. Absolutely beautiful work ! Very, very nice.
Yeah I knew the instant I posted that -someone- would try to make a pseudo claim that those aren't representative of "real-world" usage.There are 3 points to consider ...1. We can't even display lossless pictures such as .PNG or .TGA natively with the built-in firmware so .JPGs were used and saved with 100% Quality.2. IIRC the YUV transencoding of the 8x8 macro blocks used in JPEG or MPEG are similar enough that the accuracy IS representative -- it doesn't matter if the...
Yeah I'm also calling shenanigans on the Panasonic's PQ Marketing.Proof: Display these on your Plasma ....* http://michael.peopleofhonoronly.com/plasma_calibration/blue_gradient.jpg* http://michael.peopleofhonoronly.com/plasma_calibration/blue_white_radial_gradient.jpg
The Last of Us has lots of noise in their textures plus the albedo is pretty washed out (I understand that is the art style they were going for -- just don't care for it). I'd be quite surprised if there are -any- settings that help it from looking washed out. Left for Dead is another game that has a lot of noise in their textures. Team Fortress 2 they aren't.I've lent the game out but ping me up in a week and I'll hopefully had a chance to tweak my VT60 with something...
The "Black Mask Edge" trick has been used for years. I first saw it mentioned here on avsforum over 10 years ago. It most definitely is much older.It is a beautiful, elegant, simple, effective, and inexpensive mod !
GIMP work-around:Re-export your jpegs with "Advanced > Progressive" turned OFF will allow the VT60 to display them.
This is a link to the 1920x1080 Thief 4 shot ... http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/41/1381330498-3.jpg
Really? 2013 and we _still_ have to deal with Mach Banding issues ? :-(( (This is uncalibrated out-of-the-box Custom 50% Contrast.) Since I have no good control over color temperature, white balance, and the built-in HDR completely sucks on the iPhone 5 camera the whites in the clock tower, and blacks in the bottom left slums are (almost) completely blown out ... ... compared to the original source. If you really want to show off your plasma, this shot from Thief 4...
Speaking of pictures ...Is there a firmware update to fix the broken JPG firmware on the VT60 ?I'm running firmware: 2852-10201-10055The eHelp PDF manual on page 115http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/E-HELP_VT60.PDFsaysHalf of my jpegs display properly; the remaining 1/4 shows the thumbnails properly but doesn't display fullscreen, the last 1/4 doesn't even show the thumbnail at all.
There are a few reasons:Before I had my 60" and 42" plasmas I would constantly be amazed at Rich's (and other) gorgeous shots.It helps inspire those of us to take better pictures.It helps show us where the bar is.Because it is important for those who _don't_ own a plasma. Think of it as "Free Marketing" ;-)This is a perfect example -- I would love to have that marketing wallpaper !Now as to whether pictures should be in here or in another thread, I'll leave that to the...
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