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Hello: I'm running PDVD10 in WM7. It's working fine but one strange issue is a lot of times on my ripped ISOs subtitles are coming on by default and I have to turn them off. I don't know if this is a setting I screwed up in PDVD or the rips, but does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Chris
Hi Everyone: It looks like I'm having some EDID handshaking issues with my Denon 2807 and my Core i3 setup. Is there any 'easy' solution to this problem? It works when the PC reboots but if I switch inputs I sometimes come back and the video is like 1024x768 and then the audio is gone. Thanks for any tips, Chris EDIT: I should add, is this a receiver problem or does this happen with all receivers?
Hello everyone: I don't know what this is called, but I am sure I am not the only one to have this issue. Essentially, sometimes when I switch to other inputs on my receiver, I will not have sound when I switch back to my HTPC. i.e. I'll watch a movie on my PC, then watching some TV on my DVR and then go to watch a movie again on the HTPC. Video will work great, but nothing in the sound department. I'm running WIndows 7 32 bit SP1 (note this problem is not related to...
Two quick questions (I did a search but I can't find the specific answer). I'm thinking of hooking up two ATI cable card tuners to my WMC7 box. I would need 2 cable cards and 2 (?) SDV adaptors (or maybe 1 - I'm not sure). What is cox getting for the cable card/SDV rental these days? I'm assuming it's still cheaper than my HD-DVR. Thanks, Chris EDIT: OK, I think I found $1.99 per card and the SDV is free. Anyone using the SDV with the ATI cards?
Thanks for the reply. I am assuming I can hook 2 of these up right? I would of course need to split my signal and get 2 cable cards.
I'm in the market for a cable card tuner. I have a Ceton on pre-order, but I'm curious about any known issues with the ATI tuner. It has the obviously limitation that is it only 1 tuner. Two things I believe I've read is soemtimes the tuner will disppear and it needs a bit more signal than the cable box for good picture. Any information is appreciated! Thanks, CHris
Thanks again. I did manage to clip out one glitch and the analog channel tuning helps a lot. I think I can make this work. THanks, CHris
Thanks for the replies. Is there anyway with the VideoReDo log to tell how bad the glitches will be in the file? For example, I just did a recording and it was actually very, very good. (This was after trying the analog suggestions etc.) VideoReDo found 4 audio frame errors, 3 input sequence errors and 8 video resync frames removed. Mind you, this was on a 2 hour capture. Thanks, Chris
Thank you all for the discussion of the firewire recording issue on the DCH3416 box. I figured out the rebooting issue. I thought the glitches I was getting was due to poor signal, but I did a test and figured out the glitches were random. I've try some of the suggestions here but they haven't helped too much as I still see 15-80 errors in VideoReDo for a 2 hour capture. Unfortunately for a couple of channels, there are no commercial breaks so it's tough to rerecord and...
Great thanks - I'll give it a shot. Does it leave the menus or will it also just get rid of those and give the main movie? Also, has anyone customized WMC itself? The blue background and icons are pretty boring. Thanks, Chris
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