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I have been thinking about waiting as well. However, to be honest, I'm not sure if it's worth it over an i3 system. I'm guessing, since the i3 system already has a 32nm CPU , the power difference of the dual core systems is low. Frankly, I have no faith the 24hz issue is fixed so you would still need something like a ATI 5450 for video. I'm also guessing there will be a 'premium' for a couple months. Plus, since this is a new chipset, there will most likely be some bugs to...
Love this movie. "You tell Buddy to tell Glenn if he's wearing sunglasses I'm going to throw them off a bridge. And I may not even take them off first." (or something close to that)
Has anyone tried to use 'green' memory with the intel h55 boards? Thanks, Chris
Do you need to use whs to copy over media center recordings or can you just use any networked share drive? I was planning on recording locally and the just copying to another machine by hand. Thanks Chris
Hi everyone: I have a quick question about Ceton's recordings. I don't know if I'm going with a Ceton or a SD cablecard tuner but the recording behavior should be the same. My plan is to have initial recordings saved to a local drive. Is this information correct: - Material flagged "copy freely" will NOT be encrypted, can be edited, moved/played to other PCs etc. - Material flagged "copy once" can be recorded, but will be encrypted and can only be viewed on that...
Mostly because of the 24hz and 60hz bugs... although I guess ATI has it's own problems. We shall see soon. Chris
Looks like Feb 20th would be the day... I was thinking about holding off buying my HTPC until then, but that's still 3 months away and I am pretty much good to go. I guess I'll just go with the i3 530 + 5450 solution. All of the Jan 9 chips will certainly idle higher than an i3 530 today, although the i5-2500T could be interesting. Thanks Chris
I've just about archived my media and I'm waiting to see if this works for exactly this reason. Just need a machine that has good image quality and can hold a blu-ray player. I am thinking one of those mini-ATX boards in one of those cases with only a 120mm fan. Chris
I wonder why they sell the external drive for $149 and the internal for twice that... strange.
Thanks for the update. When you say your argument is not correct do you mean the performance issue or the ability to see all 3tb in xp? My plans are to simplely put large (ie 6gb+) files on these drives for streaming over wired networking. Would that be an issue? Thanks Chris EDIT: It appears AFT wouldn't affect sequential reads which is what I would have. Assuming XP 64 can see the entire drive, I'm in the money.
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