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What is the AFT issue? I would love to run these drives under Windows XP 64. We have macs in the house and sharing just doesn't work reliably with them under W7 or Vista. Thanks, Chris
I'm in the process of putting together my order but I'm having trouble picking an H55 motherboard. The rest of the build is: Core i3 530 2 x 2GB (preferrably) LoVo RAM 120GB Vertex 2 Antec Fusion Case ATI 5450 Ceton tuner I am looking for a board that has: 1) no problem sleep/waking up from S3 using a Harmony Remote 2) low power consumption 3) is stable #1 is not necessary the most important but would be nice. I had a lot of problems finding a 1366...
So street date is January? I'm looking to build an HTPC just for 1080i Mpeg2 and bluray and this frankly looks perfect if it does 23hz properly and requires (hopefully) only a big passive heatsink...
How much does disabling C-state change power consumption? Thanks, Chris
Has anyone tried low voltage ram with the intel board? I'm looking to keep power usage as low as possible. Intel boards seem to have the lowest power draw so I was starting there. Thanks, Chris
Do any of the 'good' H55 HTPC board support low voltage RAM? The intel boards seem to be the lowest power, but I don't know if they support LV ram. Thanks, Chris
Liked this movie ... will buy! Hopefully a good presentation.
Does this have any impact on the Ceton card? I read on a thread a few weeks ago that it would be not useable starting in 2012... I can't imagine cablecards would go away by that point. Thanks, Chris
So the $64,000 question is whether Sandy Bridge fixings the 23 issue.
Hi there: I put together a new machine last night using the DH55HC intel ATX board along with a Core i5-650. I loaded up windows xp sp3 on it and it seems to be working fine, except for one issue. Whenever I reboot XP, I get a "GFXUI.exe has quit unexpectedly..." and then it asks me to send an error report. I updated the BIOS to the latest version (which did some weird stuff afterwards like reinstall some IDE drivers, etc) and also updated to the most recent drivers....
New Posts  All Forums: