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No power equals no picture and no sound.
Sorry to bump an old thread but I finally got around to printing my last three custom HD-DVD covers (1408, The Machinist and Equilibrium) and found images of this: Anybody know who created this custom cover for Equilibrium? I believe it was someone who even posted it in this forum, but I cannot find it on any of the HD-DVD custom cover sites still running. I'd love to get a copy of this if anyone has it.
Actually got a call from VIZIO today, the 58" CinemaWide set (XVT3D580CM) is now available for order directly from them: http://store.vizio.com/xvt3d580cm.html?SID=tquo4520ia7j40em07d5mv85a2 It's $2,499.99 for a limited time with free shipping. Even at its regular price ($2,799.99) its less than what they hinted at several months back ($3,499 I think). Personally, I'm holding out for the 71" which I really hope makes it to production. I thought the fact that this...
Rented Mr. Popper's Penguins but it does not play. Disc loads, displays generic notice about Blu-ray players/firmware updates etc. then goes to a black screen. After several minutes, splash screen for 20th Century Fox plays with music, then goes to black screen. Film never plays, never goes to a menu, shows no previews and LCD counter on Blu-ray player shows no numbers/progression. Got another copy, same issue. Sent email to Sony, waiting for response.
Here we go again: Vizio to ship ultra-wide-screen TVs by February http://news.yahoo.com/vizio-to-ship-...-february.html I've been waiting for the 71" model since last year (or the 72" model announced in 2010) but I'm not holding my breath. At least I've set aside some $$$ so if another 70" comes along with passive 3D and local dimming I might jump on it.
Can't find this model on Mitsubishi's site: M402-7339 73" DLP 3D HDTV Anybody know anything about this set? Is this a model number from Costco or BJ's maybe? I'm guessing its an older set from the current price but it would be nice if I could pull up the specs on it from the manufacturer.
Just had the eprom flashed on this set to fix the blue/green/red color "blob" screen issue that this series is apparently known for. I should have asked the techs while they were here about the sets "overscan" issue (at least thats what I call it) as a good 1-2 inches of the picture all around the screen are "off" the screen. Its been that way for a while and I have looked for info on how to adjust this over the years but have never come up with anything. The...
Hmm, as far as I know, my copy is not region coded/region free but if it makes any difference it's from France. Plays fine on my Sony BDP-S550...
Add "Inglourious Basterds" to the list of films that won't play with the latest firmware release. The "Disney" fix had no effect on this title, which goes to a black screen after the initial "loading" display finishes...
You might want to do a little research before you post a comment like that. Try here for starters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laserdisc And here:http://www.lddb.com/index.php My "paperweight" still works just fine, by the way. And unlike my BH200 it plays all the LaserDiscs I have without any need for a firmware update. I understand your frustration as I share it too but statements like that certainly don't help win anybody over.
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