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I would use the projector too. I was thinking more along brightness and throw distance numbers, for screen sizing. Speakers I was thinking if they were something suitable for a baffle wall, then maybe the AT space could shrink depth-wise. Then some of the supply HVAC becomes a soffit over the screen wall.
Not removing the sample, but moving the sample in front of the speaker, from 1" out to say 10". I will add, I have XD and am very pro XD. It gets my recommendation but that comes with the the information for one to make an informed decision. I gave up the 6" depth in my small room where every inch of space was given careful consideration. The slight volume loss is a non-event for most.
If relocating the entry works for you, just narrow the room to exclude the water meter. Three seats in 15' wide is a luxury. Could you bring the cold air return over the beam via the floor joist cavity, and then jog over and back up? This would eliminate the HVAC sheet in the room, if you framed out a new front wall. I rebuilt my HVAC with a wider/less tall profile and tucked a short section of return up into the joist cavity. Best money spent in my small room. What...
Grab a sample of material and play back some full range pink noise and you'll hear the timbre shifting. It is indeed audible.
How many seats do you actually need? Is something like this an option? You could pair an acoustically transparent front wall and a DIY acoustically transparent screen, and hide your speakers plus the HAVC gets disguised. That return duct could even be treated underside, for the first reflection point off the ceiling, to the seating. Moving the water meter is an option... It all really comes down to where do you want to spend your budget. If you work with what's...
The hardcore answer is 6". The speakers will timbre shift if they are less then 6" from the backside of the screen.
A row of four IKEA Poang seats plus an Epson 5030 with a DIY screen, would be a killer budget setup. There's a substantial DIY screen sub forum on AVS, too.
I'd burn the seating budget for a DIY screen and a projector in that room.
Why not use the 20' length and have the second row pull double duty as extra seating and office? A single row of four plus the desk area version of the Fadum Theater could work nicely. Projection would be my first choice of display. A flat panel computer monitor could be on a lift, in the desk. The soft upholstered seating of the office area could then pull double duty as extra seating.
I missed that detail completely.... So my question should have been worded, "Is that bathroom expendable?". That is both a funny answer and a serious question.
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