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who REALLY cares? lol
"Don't you all think it's kind of cool that Tony got a home theater?" --------------------------- Absolutely, that was the highlight of the season so far! Kinda reminded me of Ozzy trying to learn the remote control on the Osbournes last season .. haha! ;-)
Morgan Freeman Robert DeNiro Samuel Jackson Anthony Hopkins Gary Oldman Clint Eastwood Jack Nicholson Denzel Washington Al Pacino Tom Hanks round out my top 10 favorites
I tend to agree with MikeM ... I've tried to get into this season, but its difficult. I liked the first 2 seasons best, but this year is just NOT doing it for me. Perhaps there is some master plan at work here, but for pete's sake they could at least follow through with a few of these sub-plots rather than just dropping them. This week I couldn't wait for the Sopranos to be over just so Curb Your Enthusiasm would start ;-)
The "What ever happened to?" scoop on JMV: http://www.weht.net/article.php?sid=62
So ADebar .. you know something most don't??
Hannibal Snatch
I order almost all of my region 1 dvd's from DDD and I've never had a problem yet. Yes their shipping is, well, for lack of a better term ... "in slow-motion" .. BUT I was tired of being raped by amazon on prices and shipping costs. I recently placed an order for 17 dvd's. .. total with shipping at amazon was just over $380. Cost at DDD = $244 ... So I can wait a week or 10 days to get my movies with that kind of savings ;-)
About to add Escape from Alcatraz to my collection and was wondering if anyone has compared the Region1 release to any of the others. I believe this one is out in Region 1, 2 & 4 after doing a quick search but I couldn't find a quality comparision between any of them ... anyone have any experience with these?
Here's a mix of action/horror/kids/comedy .. something for everyone, all with excellent picture quality, in no specific order: The Rock: Criterion Collection Disney's Dinosaur A Bug's Life The Pledge The Man Who Wasn't There Shanghai Noon Training Day Hannibal The Patriot: Superbit Bram Stokers Dracula: Superbit Meet The Parents Ferris Buellers Day Off Desperado: Superbit ...and *almost* anything Anchor Bay releases if you're looking for something off the...
New Posts  All Forums: