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Well that is a double edged sword isn't it. As someone who has been buying these movies over and over again since the great days of Laser Discs I wont buy a movie on Blu-ray that isn't properly transfered. They can keep it.
I love this movie. Definately one of David Cronenberg's best. Can't wait.
I know they are both lossless but DTS-MA sounds better through my YAMAHA receiver. Don't know why.
Yes. Its been done.
It's because the title is now backordered from them and they are charging peoples credit cards and not shipping the disc. I just cancelled my order with them. I paid with Paypal. Depending on how long it takes for my refund I may not order from Axelmusic again.(
Bull. It is most definately film grain.
There is absolutely no comparison. The alliance release looks like a film print. The Miramax looks like video. This movie was filmed in 16mm and should appear grainy. Grain is not the same as noise.
Sorry I can't reveal my source. The audio is first rate. You wont be dissapointed.
Not true. On the second one the black level is dialed down a tad too much for my taste. Much of the shadow detail is lost becasue of this and black crush which I can't stand. The first movie doesn't have this problem, or at least not to this degree.
I agree about the audio. It is awesome to say the least and easily demo worthy.
New Posts  All Forums: