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and now the picture just came back on its own. Going to check for some new updates if any.
Well, I can't use the remote or even the power button on the television to turn the TV off/on because it is controlled via network with Crestron so everything else is bypassed. I pulled the power and put it back but nothing. Don't know if the unit is dead or not.the center icon is still illuminated at the front bottom but that may mean nothing.
I have my Denon 4308 connected to my unit and I have a blank screen this morning as well. Haven't started to troubleshoot yet but it can't possibly be the HDMI cables as was suggested below because everything was fine before the update. Satellite and streamer run through a scaler into my 4308 but it's not the scaler as my PS3 runs into a separate HDMI input and bypasses it… Nothing there as well.
honestly, I find mymovies to be the simplest one by far. I know, it doesn't give you the option to choose from multiple background artwork but I just use DVDfab to rip the movie and whatever soundtrack, subtitles I want, it is usually automatically added to mymovies and then I just select the folder where it resides and bingo… All done. Some people want to tinker too much. I just want to enjoy my movies with a quality interface done as simply and professionally as...
when you add a movie in Mymovies you select the folder where it is located (locally or on a NAS… I'm using a Synology 1812+ and all works well) and the metadata is automatically added to that folder wherever it resides and only the metadata that you requested through the "options" section. Apparently, the latest download is 1080P resolution to the about.jpg files and you no longer have to scan from your streamer for new movies as they will automatically be added (although...
I did regenerate the metadata but there is no description. I have a couple of different XML files generated so I wonder if it's getting confused. Which XML file is generated for the mede8er?
what exactly does the my movies update give you that wasn't already there? I have been using it for years and I already had the "about.jpg" files working. Are people referring to the XML files that don't seem to show up "down below" in the movie view. I.e. the description in the lower third that seems like completely wasted space but the movie info is there when you look at the manual pictures etc.. That still doesn't show up for me.
Autonomic Controls MMS music servers are wonderful and without all of the tinkering... just enjoy the music anywhere and any time ;-). I love my MMS-2
I have a 50 inch Kuro in my bedroom and, even though I haven't been able to properly calibrate the set yet, the picture is pretty good but there is no doubt that it is 'different' and noticeably so from the pioneers. I'm pretty sure once I get it calibrated and used to it that I will be able to enjoy it for a while to come. I will be doing some testing with the 3-D glasses tomorrow to see how they stack up and how good the 3-D is. I purchased the Sanus mount myself and...
What are the recommended wall Mounts for this unit? Any suggestions? I am looking at the Sanus articulating arm mount and wondering if this is okay. Are any other brackets needed for it?
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