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Quote: Originally Posted by jdsmoothie ^^ Are you pressing and holding the buttons the whole time? Try doing the network reset in which you press and hold the (UP) and (DOWN) arrow buttons instead. Also, unless you bought the 3310 as a refurb, you still have 6 more months left on your warranty. It has a two year warranty? I bought it in July 2009 and thought it had a one year warranty. I did press and hold both buttons and turned on the...
Yep, but the display never flashes like the manual says it should. Not looking good. This will be my second issue with this unit after getting the network card replaced, but I'm now 6 months out of warranty .
My 3310 has been working fine, but since yesterday it has refused to come out of standby. You push the button and the light flashes from solid red to green and back to solid red. Unplugging speakers didn't help. Last night I got it to come on after I unplugged the HDMI cable to the display, turned the receiver on and plugged it back in. Today that doesn't help either. The unit is cool, it doesn't appear to have gone into protection mode, unplugging speakers didn't help (so...
Sorry about dropping a comment and then going on vacation . Naturally Oppo didn't advertise something they didn't have in the 83, but they supported file formats in their earlier players that they never got to in the 83. Formats like wmv, mov and mp4 would have been nice. Really they added very few features after the initial release of the 83. Their R&D went into new SKUs like the 83SE but features through firmware got very little attention. (Streaming I get--the hardware...
I had the same thought when I bought an 83, but it never happened. People talk optimistically about Oppo supporting more formats or streaming providers and they certainly could, but I wouldn't count on it given past behavior. We had to pay $ to upgrade to the 93 to get new formats. Disappointing, really.
Oh man, don't remind me. It's ne of the most irritating things about Blu-ray prevailing, as there were some decent HD-DVD online features but squat for BD Live (other than preview trailers--yeah like I'm going to download those).
Mods, at > 100 posts a day this thread is getting hard to track. What would people think if we split off a thread just for the high rez audio (SACD and DVD-A) issues? Then those concerned can better find related threads and those uninterested in those formats won't have to skip those posts.
Answer one day later and 100 posts will be between your post and the original subject. But I think this is of interest to some.Correct, IRE isn't relevant for digital outputs such as HDMI and so doesn't affect the majority of today's users. It is relevant for analog outputs. All it means is, given a digital value of 16 on disk (i.e. black), what voltage level should be emitted from the player. Composite and S-video are speced to emit 7.5 IRE (53.6mV) for black, while...
Yes, that's right--anything shot on video, such as broadcast sports, which is usually shot at 720p with 60 frames per second (fps) or at 1080i with 30 fps.
60Hz is right for video content and broadcast HD. Show that stuff at 96Hz and you'd get other artifacts.
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