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It's worth it if not that much more $$. Shouldn't cost much either way. It's a small very high frequency advantage at best.
I agree, and also with Fred. The wall cut is likely to jamb that cutting tool. Pretty cool tool, though!
That was looking so neat and tidy, too... So what's your current thought on a solution? cut the ceiling or wall?
Or you could re-read post #7...
Big is on the money.
If your wall framing is 24" on center studs, then applying more drywall and damping compound can provide satisfying improvement. If the studs are 16" on center (likely) then applying more drywall and damping compound will not improve things as much. To be clear, this technique on 16" studs will improve performance, but not much. Could easily be seen as a waste. The other consideration is to build a completely new wall 1" away from the old one. Still not as ideal as...
The average person that calls us is looking to keep the sound in so they can crank and not disturb.
WOW! That really IS a lot! I wish freight costs weren't so bad.
They don't cost that if you buy pails also.
Soundproofing is simply that. Keeping sound in or out. All that raw drywall will sound like a gym either way until acoustic treatments are introduced.
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