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The reason for the current sound transmission is partly due to the triple leaf there and the now-higher resonance frequency of the system. Smaller air cavities have higher frequency resonance points, well into the vocal range. So while decoupled, you have 3 smaller air cavities hurting you at higher frequencies. The overall system lacks mass, and lastly, the undamped drywall has a coincidence point at 3100 Hz, again not helping the cause. Given the flanking that exists,...
Sound conditioning or acoustically treating a room is what you're looking for. Soundproofing refers to the passage of sound through a wall, etc.
You just need to seal the bottom plate to the floor with sealant. You won't benefit from a rolled material that purports to decouple.
If you don't decouple, you won't have much LF isolation as others have described.
No seriously, a 3/4" ply + 5/8" drywall wall is pretty substantial. The framing can me minimized. Certainly you could look at 24" stud spacing instead of 16".
You might have a wobbly wall unless you start with a 3/4" ply layer.
Normal, uncompressed installation of standard (thermal) fiberglass batt would work
The polymer's biggest nemesis is UV radiation. Absent that, similar polymers have been around for decades.
If left cool and sealed I wouldn't be surprised if it was fine in 5 years.
You can add more drywall and look to crush the channel, eliminating much of the problematic air cavity
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