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Hang in there. Avoid the 20 or 22 ga
The idea of mixed thicknesses was to have each panel resonate at different frequencies. Good strategy, but flawed from a practical perspective. Once you bond different panels together, they behave as one. The panels, whether loosely tacked or bonded with Liquid Nails will still have resonance. No resonance elimination happens in the old days. To drop resonance itself, we have to turn to damping compounds, whether extensional or constrained.
If we were not using damping material that would be true
I would have absolutely sent it back. Mass is the primary driver here. We want to damp the mass, decouple the mass, get some absorption behind the mass, but at the end of the day the degree of success will be largely defined by the amount of mass. This is especially true if you want to stop LF bass.
Where's the damn dip
The GG can only be deployed between two sheets.
Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Use the C.O.S. !!
Recommended coverage is 2 tubes per 4x8 sheet. You can use a 1/2 application of 1 tube per sheet and retain 70% of the damping, with the drop in performance likely evidenced in the LF. You would not use 1/2 tube per sheet.
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