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But autocad costs a bloody fortune. Using it for something like this is silly, IMO. I bet you could make a drawing like that in Microsoft Visio or if you have a Mac, you could use OmniGraffle. You could even try something more like a vector art program like InkScape or Illustrator.
It's a toss-up for me. 3 way tie: 1) The Man With the Golden Gun 2) Goldeneye (love the cheesy lines) 3) From Russia With Love
Everything I have read states that you should try to put your center channel's tweeter in a stright horizontal line with your two fronts' tweeters. The reason that you'll want to align the tweeters is that humans can localize high frequencies more easily than low frequencies.. which, of course, is why you can put your subwoofer almost anywhere and it'll sound fine. Ideally you would have an acoustically transparent screen, but if you can't afford one, you'll have to...
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