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How do I fill my 2.35:1 screen with 16:9 content?Believe it or not, this is the number one question that Panamorph receives. We have heard from our friends at Screen Innovations that that is also the number one question they receive regarding 2.35:1 screens.If you have an anamorphic lens, it is easy. You can either just move the lens in place (which gives you exactly the result you describe - people look short and fat) or you can engage the vertical stretch with the lens...
Yeah that's a huge screen, and as Josh says you are going to need a very bright projector for that size (especially if you are set with a 1.0 gain screen and are planning to zoom). The only projectors I know of with the necessary lumens that don't force you into selecting the "garish" picture mode are extremely expensive 3 chip DLP models. Also, an anamorphic lens does not "require" a curved screen unless you are dealing with a short throw ratio. If you share all the...
Totally agree that it is fundamentally the same as the Lord of the Rings situation. FWIW is was just trying to think of a recent movie that was shot anamorphically and Star Trek came to mind. I had thought post was performed in 4K but of course could be totally wrong about that.
Are you sure Star Trek was not performed on a 4K DI? Either way, the film elements themselves should have scanned and archived anamorphically (even if post was not performed in this manner).
Interesting. I only saw content delivery addressed as far as streaming. Is streaming the only content delivery system currently lined up? What about the other limitations of streaming and how they affect picture quality? Saw this demoed and it was very impressive
D-VHS had the same vertical resolution as 2.35:1 Blu-ray. If you think about it, it has to be that way, for a couple of reasons:Hollywood has never had a consumer media production stream that supported HD anamorphic (which is part of the hurdle we are overcoming with the Panamorph / Folded Space MFE enhanced vertical resolution process). Even 2K Digital Cinema and Digital Intermediates used in post production are limited to approximately 858 vertical lines for Scope...
We are working on it BTW, the Sony 4K units will vertically stretch 3D 1080P. No one can vertically stretch 4K native material yet, though.
Kinda surprised no one posted this here yet. Very apropos for a Forum topic devoted to the discussion of aspect ratios - and hilarious to boot:
Yes, light output through a UH480 has been measured many times - by numerous reviewers, myself, Robin at SIM, Dan at Marantz (when Marantz still had a projector division), I think even Josh Zyber right here on this Forum, but I have never seen 12% light loss reported. All of the professional reviewers I have talked to or corresponded with found considerably less than 10%, and the comparisons I have done in my own home with three different Isco IIIs showed them to be...
Geez, not to get all particular and nitpicky and all, but you should probably amend that to say "Hollywood" or "Big Budget" filmmakers. Lots and lots of independent films these days are shot 16:9. Of course, many of them don't end up in theaters, they just end up on cable, Blu-ray, VOD, or DVD (if anywhere at all). When they do end up in theaters, they just get (very slightly) cropped.
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