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That was one expensive demolition derby out there today.
See if any of your friends have a slingbox?
KPRC-DT Houston on En-Touch Cable Typical KPRC Houston bandwidth starved mediocre picture quality.
I remember almost no network logos on the screen. There was also this period of time, maybe the first two months or so, where everything on PBS HD was new for you and then after that you had seen everything they had to offer.
Usually, it's the lighting or I should say lack of lighting in these indoor college venues that makes the difference.
It's not that you want to see the bug; it's that seeing that it is cut off is annoying.
It is better today but I wish the networks would push it in a bit more. I have one TV that the overscan only goes to about 4 or 5% on on the edges and part of the D is still cut off. On my other one it is fine now.
Yes, it is way out there. Farther out there than usual.
The source for the NBA TV on INHD schedule is INHD. Not sure what else to say.
New Posts  All Forums: