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Get real... Oil could go up to $200 barrel and projectors will still cost less at the end of the year.
I believe you provide a valuable resourse and it is enviable that you are even willing to provide some insight in your biases.
The overall theme from the article seemed to be that plasma was superior to LCD, DLP or LCOS. Resolution was a secondary theme. In regards to resolution.. "So, was the resolution noticeable? Most of the reviewers commented that, if you're too close (less than 3X picture height), then you may start seeing pixels. From where most of them were sitting, around 4X, it wasn't noticeable. In fact, at that distance, everyone made a comment about how detailed this TV looked. How...
http://www.hometheatermag.com/lcds/208hdface/index.html In the March issue of Home Theater there is a 2008 HDTV Technology Face Off - LED, DLP, LCD, LCOS and Plasma. The plasma (Pioneer PDP-5080HD) easily won. And to top it off it was the only set with 768p going up against all 1080p competitors. An important point is that contrast and black level are more important than resolution in this size display. The only sad news is that Pioneer will no longer be...
Very risky purchasing a used projector off ebay unless you can view it first. Just say no.
How do you plan on demonstrating the expected improvement - before and after screen shots?
In addition to the sunglasses every guest could wear a KKK style black robe with hood to reduce reflections. No laughing during funny scenes...the glare off white teeth kills contrast.
Does Sony offer a 1 year extended warranty? Add it to the purchase price.
My favorite threads are usually the ones where the finished pics are in the first post. If I like the finished room, it providess the interest to look at the build progression. I wish everyone would do this.
Looks much bigger in the pics. Great looking room!
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