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Great looking multi-purpose room!! Love the view!
Congratulatons! That is a great looking room with terrific value equipment. It's nice that you got it done in a relatively short amount of time, and are now enyoying movies on the big screen. If I could make one small suggestion, it would be to paint the entire screen wall flat black. You will notice a significant increase in contrast and the picture will seem to float on the wall.
60" is not home theater. If you only have the room or funds for one screen, you need to make choices. However, I suspect there are lots of folks like me who have projectors in a dedicated room and plasmas (LCDs, etc.) in other rooms.
OK...this is from Wired - not exactly a videophile review. Having said that, they ranked the the following in this order: Mitsu HC-4900, Sony VW60, Epson Home 1080UB, and Sanyo Z2000. http://www.wired.com/gadgets/gadgetr...80p_projectors
No...but the street pricing steadily declined over that period. Check with AVS for pricing.
Excellent point! Thanks for bringing this up.
Sony does a good job of hitting all the price points. Here is a very brief summary. All are SXRD 1080p technology. VW40 @ $3K is the price performane champ slugging it out with the 1080p LCD crowd. Similiar in performance to the outgoing VW50. 1 year warranty. VW50 is discontinued. VW60 @ $5K is an upgrade to the popular VW50 with improved black level, contrast and sharpness. Goes up against RS1/RS2 and some of the DLP units. 2 year warranty. VW200 @ $15K is the...
A few points: 1. You indicated you did not do a side by side with the IF and Panny. You probably would notice differences more during a side by side. 2. As others have mentioned your screen is relatively small at 80 inches. The larger the screen the greater the differences. 3. Resolution is not everything, however, it sounds like you like the Panny with 1080 better. Black level, contrast, color, brighness, sharpness, etc. all combine to provide a better projector.
I agree there are unit to unit variations between the same projectors. I also believe that the units manufactured later in the production run of a particular model are generally better and/or more uniform to spec than earlier units. Most quality manufacturers have programs in place for constant improvements during the life cycle of a product. I was exposed to six sigma working for Motorola many years ago. Here is some interesting...
Interesting how fast technology advances. Thomas Norton in Ultimate AV has this to say about the Sony VW100 less than 2 years ago. MSRP was $10K. "The Sony is a remarkable value and without question one of the best video projectors on the market. If you are looking in this price range—or even significantly higher—you'd be crazy not to put it at or near the top of a very short shopping list." Now it is topped by $2700 mid level projectors (at least in this review).
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