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Was your old PJ and AVR hooked up using composit cables?
What exactly was the problem? Your original post was not clear on that point. When auto power is checked, the PJ automatically goes into startup state after th PJ receives power.
WOW, I'm glad I found this thread. I recently painted my screen wall flat black and the impact it made on my viewing experience was unbelievable. When I watch HD material in my room, the image seems to float on the wall. Without a doubt the best inexpensive tweak I have ever make to my system/room. Yesterday I watched a 1.85:1 aspect ratio movie with my daughter (Daddy Day Camp). OK...the movie wasn't geat - but I truely look forward to Friday night watching movies with...
It would be great to have 2 screens...a Firehawk type for movie watching and a HP type screen for sports.
Using Jason's rundown... C3X (720) is to Ferrari F430 as Infocus SP-777 is to Corvette.
It was supposed to be. The OP screwed it up. Probably upset over the Patriots loss.
Could one of the mods please fix the title. Thanks.
Who watched the Super Bowl on their projector? Please - only vote if you own a projector. I have a projector, however, I watched it on my plasma in the family room. It was closer to the kitchen for snacks, beer, and conversation.
So...who watched the Super Bowl on their projector?
Best PJ for Worship? A lot of the zealots and fanatics on AVS worship their projectors On the other hand, if you are looking for information on projectors for your house of worship...I suggest you call AVS and/or look at this site. http://www.projectorpeople.com/proje...s-religion.asp
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