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Agree with you 100%. I love the scope screen in your room. Looks great.
I also have a mixed use finished basement for movies and billiards. Enclosed are a few pics. Painting the screen wall flat black made an enormous improvement. Cheapest quality improvement upgrade I ever did. I will paint the rest of the room when I final a color I like and the time to get it done, however, I am a lazy procrastinator.
Just joking with you. Believe me, I can procrastinate as good as anyone...
Same with us. However, the ultimate HT high would be to get BD and HD DVD availability on the same day they are released in the theaters.
Rich, I'm willing to bet that you will NOT be watching movies on a front projector in a finished room in your house before the end of 2008. How about a friendly wager? A month's supply of popcorn? A Blu-ray disk of your choice?
Here is my favorite quote from the review. I'd like to hear some opinions on this. "...the Sony shines when it comes to the depth of the image. This is an "ability" I can't quite nail down as to what combination of areas of performance make this up, but every so often, I see projectors that just have that little extra. The Sony is one, Optoma's HD81 (and brighter HD81-LV, is another). It definitely is part of the "wow' factor of the Sony. The bottom line, is...
I'm surprised nobody has commented on this review yet. IMO Art does a great job reviewing projectors. In some regards it was deja-vu with comments on general lack of brightness and a slightly soft image. quote: "If I had to pick the two weaknesses of the Sony, they have to be its brightness, and sharpness. While it is average in brightness in its best - Cinema - mode, it is one of the least bright projectors in other modes, when you might need extra horsepower to...
Sure...but you know you will continue to check on these threads for awhile...join the calibration and tweaking threads...and wander over to the VW200 threads and obsess about how much better this upgrade could be.
I'm no expert but you could try pulling the plug and placing a small fan next to the PJ for a few minutes until the bulb cools. However, I'm not sure one isolated shutdown without cooling will hurt the bulb too much.
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