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Thanks for confirming that for me, seems like the Revue will have no trouble. Jeff
dack70, Sounds good, I am really looking forward to getting a Google TV device as well. Question are you hard wired, or using the Revue's wireless connection? If you are running wireless, can you do a speedtest.net and see your connection speed? I have Comcast and verified that a laptop up in the room where the Revue would be is currently running a speedtest of 24.7 mbps download and 3.4 upload. Thanks, Jeff
Chuck_IV and Lupismaximus, Thank you both for your comments and feedback. I am getting the sense that the Revue may be the best route. This is going to be a bedroom unit and am also wondering how a full sized keyboard will be function wise using while laying in bed. hmmm... may have to pony up the additional $150 for the Logitech mini keyboard! Jeff
Hi, I am in the process of deciding between the Revue and the Sony Bluray player. From my research, it seems that the Revue will only do wireless in the 2.4ghz range, while the Sony bluray player has been confirmed to support the 5ghz n band. This seems like a clear advantage for the Sony when streaming HD wirelessly is considered. For my setup, a wired connection is not possible. Does anyone know if Logitech can do a firmware update to support 5ghz in the future? ...
Jason, Thanks for the reply, nice to know that the drop can be custom ordered to fit. Jeff
Hi, I currently have a 92 diag 16x9 Optoma Panoview screen. I want to switch to a 92 diag 16x9 Da-lite Model B High Power screen. The issue is that the Optoma screen is a perfect fit in my home theater. The 12 inch drop puts the screen right where I need it. When looking at the details on the Da-lite Mode B, I see that the 92 inch screens come with a 18 inch drop. This would put the screen too low for my theater. I would like to know from other Model B...
I heard that replacing the caps is a real pain, have things changed?
phantomplebe, did you ever find out what was wrong? My just died this morning with the same symptoms.
georule, thanks for the information. I tried searching for the WD-65C9 but I see it listed everywhere for around $1100-1200. Yes I agree that dropping 8 inches may hurt...
Hi, I am currently dealing with a DLP dilemma. I own a Mits wd-62725 (720P) which seems to have the capacitors going bad - wavy lines all over the place. I found a guy online that will take my TV for the parts (he knows about the wavy lines) and give me $200. I also have found a person that is selling a Samsung HL56A650C (1080P) for $500. So my question is, is it worth it to be out $300 to move to the Samsung DLP? It would be a downgrade in size from 62" to 58"...
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