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Ok - I know this is a kind of a strange thread but thought I would post it anyway. I was having trouble deciding between Chili Chicken and Chicken Curry for lunch today, so I went online and found the "Random Thingy Chooser". I stuck in my options and it told me that Chicken Curry was for lunch, and boy was it a good choice - delicious. Well the thought crossed my mind that I could put this wonderful tool to other uses. I stuck in four options to see who would win...
Silvaccordex01, The Yamaha 661 will only convert the 2 HDMI cables in to the 1 HDMI out. For the Xbox 360 you will need to run a component cable out from the Yamaha to your TV or just run optical from the 360 to the receiver and run the component from the 360 straight to your TV (that is what I do). As far as PCM, yes for Blu-ray it will be your best option for audio. In time, players and discs will support Dolby-Digital HD and DTS HD. At that time those options...
My wife and I watched this movie last night and we both really liked it. I can agree that the ending could have been done differently, but overall we were both really impressed. I can tell my wife is loving Blu-ray, she mentioned that the picture and the sound were both fantastic.
Yes, you select the 5.1 PCM or Dolby Digital from the Blu-ray menu. Once you have the HDMI into the Receiver, it will auto adjust to what is coming in from the DVD player.
Hey Guys, I got my Yamaha 661 last night and hooked it up to my system. All I can say is that this receiver has brought new life to my home theater. What a difference between regular Dolby Digital and 5.1 PCM !!! I took the time to run the auto setup with the mic that is provided. I used a tripod as suggested in the owners manual and set the mic right at ear level. The auto set up was quick and easy. It adjusted everything for me and I was ready to go. The...
WilliamG, I just ordered the RX-V661 and now see all the buzz about the Onkyo 605. Did I make a bad move by ordering the Yamaha? What would I gain if I got the Onkyo 605 and is it really that important? I want HD sound and plan on keeping the receiver for at least 2 years. With the Yamaha will I be left out in the cold so to speak? For some reason I thought that HDMI 1.3 only added the timing options and nothing more... Jeff
Ignore my last question, I did some research and I found that even 50 watts is enough power to run most speakers. My bad - I am just learning about the audio side of things.
Question - is 90 watts per channel enough to drive larger speakers? My current receiver is 110 watts per channel and I am concerned about dropping to 90 watts per channel.
Price3 - I hear you about the additional HDMI inputs that are needed. I have my HD Cable, PS3 and Toshiba HD-A1 that all run through HDMI. I will run the PS3 and Toshiba HD-A1 to the receiver's HDMI in and the HD cable straight to the switcher and use optical audio for it. I will let you know how everything turns out.
OK, I ordered a Yamaha RX-V661. I got it from a Authorized Dealer with free 3 day Fedex Shipping for $498.99, not too bad. I could have got it for less from EBAY, but for me it was important to buy from an Authorized Dealer. It will be here on Thursday and I am looking forward to tackling the rats nest behind my system (not...). I figure the work will be worth if when I hear that HD sound. I do have a question: Will the Yamaha receiver affect my projector setup? ...
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