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Ok, I bit the bullet and ordered a Yamaha RX-V661. I got it from a Authorized Dealer with free 3 day Fedex Shipping for $498.99, not too bad. I could have got it for less from EBAY, but for me it was important to buy from an Authorized Dealer. It will be here on Thursday and I am looking forward to tackling the rats nest behind my system (not...). I figure the work will be worth if when I hear that HD sound . Thanks for the posts, it helped me to justify...
WilliamG and Sketcha, Thanks for both of your replies. I just got done reading the entire Yamaha RX-V661 thread and it sounds very good. I will be picking one up here shortly ! Jeff
Ok first off, thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. It has really been helpful in understanding this new audio format. In my home theater setup I am currently running a 6.1 speaker setup and would like to take advantage of the full 6.1 if possible. Can the Onkyo SR604 do this? I have seen conflicting posts where someone will say it can handle 7.1, while others insist that it can only do 5.1 (PCM). If the Onkyo can not handle 6.1 lossless audio,...
I went for Gladiator, however Top Gun would also be great to own in HD.
You will not regret purchasing the Toshiba HD-A2. I just watched Happy Feet and Children of Men on HD-DVD and they both were crystal clear.
Two Optoma H31 and Optoma HD70.
Mark Strube, Art has the following for his calibration: Color Temp = 2 Gain: Red 6, Green 5, Blue 6 Bias: Red -14, Green -12, Blue -13 Can you post your complete list of numbers for all Gain and Bias settings? I know you said default, however some of us have already changed some of the defaults and it would be nice to have them listed. So far I you have: Color Temp = 2 Gain: Red ?, Green -6, Blue ? Bias: Red -21, Green ?, Blue? Thanks
The main reason I got the PS3 was for Blueray. But I have already bought 4 games for it as well - VF5, RFoM, MS and FNR3.
You know you've played too much Crackdown when... I thought I would create a post as I had a crazy thought when driving home last night. I was passing by a group of buildings and one of them had a green glow coming from the roof. The first thing that popped into my head was - oh man there is an agility orb up there - lol.
I also am format neutral and am loving it. Favorite games on PS3: RFoM, VF5 and soon Motorstorm. Favorite games on 360: Crackdown (I recommend everyone to get this game - pure fun), Lost Planet, Madden 07. Favorite games on Wii: Super Swing Golf, Wii Sports, Wii Play I also like using the PS3 as a Blueray player, nice to get both a Blueray player and a great gaming system in one. I know that in the future there will be some really kick ass games for the PS3 -...
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