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Good idea about the z-wave stuff. I didn't/don't think about it due to the fact my only experience with it is the 'free' dimmer offer with the 890 that was DOA. It would cost more than the Maestos, but less (I think) than the Spacer system.
I think that to use a receiver effectively, you would need to run 1 emitter (the little sticky ones) from the 'A' output of the receiver/blaster to 1 dimmer, then another emitter from the 'B' output to the other dimmer. This would require a cable run from the receiver to the dimmers which might not be what you want. It would work, but oy, what a pain to install if they're not physically near one another. (I've got an 890 as well)
I've asked the same question and gotten no definitive response. I can't find anything that suggests it's possible to assign discreet codes to each dimmer, but again, maybe someone knows or has tried it. I'd like to do the same thing, but I'm not willing to run the wire and install the additional lights to find out!
Beerstalker's right. Give it a try, it'll probably work. If it doesn't, it's only $40 and you can use it somewhere else or return it. I've gotta say, of all the things I'm doing in my theater room (spare bedroom), it's the best $40 spent by far!
Do you have a projector/screen setup? My 890 turns the projector on/off without a problem reflecting off of the screen, and my light switch is directly to my right (on axis with my shoulders), and it works 90+% of the time without aiming. The Maestro dimmer seems very sensitive, which is a good thing, and the screen must bounce the IR somewhat. I guess the other option would be to get a z-wave dimmer which should work regardless of where you point the remote since it's...
You guys rock! I love/hate it when something I've been banging my head against a wall with becomes a lightbulb moment with a little help. Tell it to use the 'on' button when turning off! Duh! Works like a charm. I'm using a sequence for 'play' on the TiVo and DVD player that turns the lights off, and another one on 'pause' that brings them up to ~50%, but the turn 'on' when everything else turns 'off' stumped me. Thanks for the tip!
Not to beat a dead horse, but I finally got around to trying out my 'free' lamp module. It's dead. The button won't turn anything on/off or dim, and my 890 just sits there confused and lonely when I try to pair it. Oh well. Not like I'm gonna try to get them to replace it or anything! Either the remote or I would be dead by the time I got it resolved. Any other DOA dimmers?
Am I missing something? Is there a way to attach a sequence to the 'OFF' button at the top of the 890? I've got a Lutron Maestro IR dimmer that I'd like to turn 'ON' when I turn everything else off so that I can find my way out of the cave. Is this possible?
I'm about 20 hours into VW40 ownership (from AVS) and am projecting onto BOC. I just ordered a 112" 2.35:1 Carada Brilliant White screen today so I'll have a better idea next week, but for right now, 16:9 material @ 90" with the bulb on 'low' looks great. Blu-Ray @ 112" zoomed looks great. I know that it'll only be better with a real screen, but not sure how it will look in 500 hours. My room is totally light controlled with a 12' throw and 11' seating...
Not wanting to get very far off-topic, but with the Mack warranty, does the bulb actually have to fail before you can get the replacement, or when it's dim and pushing 2000 hrs., can you request a new bulb? If it has to blow first, what's the response time from them in getting a new one? I'd hate to be without a picture for weeks waiting on a bulb! I know I should probably ask Mack this, but does anyone have any real world/non-salesman experience with this?
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