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I just got an 890 and an HR21, so I understand. If I was used to the HR21 remote, I might miss it, but coming from a DirectTv HD-TiVo, I miss the TiVo remote far more than the HR21 remote. Use the 890 via the extender. You'll get used to the new buttons in no time.
Well, the AVS server meltdown ate my last response, but basically I had to update three times to make the remote and extender talk. Not sure exactly what happened when it worked, but they just started working together. Several tweaks later, everything is working fine. Good luck.
According to UPS tracking, my 890 is sitting on my doorstep, and your story isn't what I wanted to hear! I'll post tomorrow with my results.
Great find! I'd decided to just get an IR extender, but can't pass this up! Just moved the gear to a closet... great timing.
Is anyone else hearing what seems to be out-of-phase audio on local programming and spots on KTVT? Network seems fine. I'm watching off antenna thru an HDTivo, optical to the receiver.
You're not alone. Last week my H/K AVR65 (build date: 11/99) developed a low hum through the front 3 channels. The rears were fine and zone 2 was fine. I chased bad wires, ground loops, unplugged my outboard amp and ran the fronts from the H/K... no change. Hum remained. The local service center wanted $75 just to look at it, so I seized the opportunity for an upgrade and got the Yamaha 5060. Oh darn.
Wish I'd tried that! B&H was out of stock ($319), but ******* matched it. I bought it yesterday, but local tax would have been cheaper than the shipping. I still feel I got a good deal! C'mon Thursday! (FedEx delivery date) For what it's worth, this will be replacing a H/K AVR65 that died last Friday. Came home and all 3 fronts had a nasty hum in them. Rears were fine, Zone 2 was fine (I know, I won't have Zone 2 w/ the 5960), and then the whole thing went into...
Quote: In our DMA it just means everyone has given up complaining. Amen, brother. The corp. types who live and die by 'metrics' and 'six sigma' and every other type of spin cycle don't even acknowledge obvious problems unless they all agree that there really is a problem. Which they won't. Quality is preached from the highest mountaintop, unless it costs money or more people to implement. The only thing that is certain is that the quality will be...
Dallas Symphony Christmas Celebration in HD! I know, it's last minute, but here ya go: Friday, Dec. 10th from 8p-10p, the annual Dallas Symphony Orchestra performance of their Holiday program will be broadcast on KXAS. This year, the show will originate in HD and air LIVE in HD on KXAS-DT and be shown 16:9 on KXAS. DLP (TI) is sponsoring the show and will have an HD spot for DLP during the broadcast. (This is a LOCAL production. NBC is NOT INVOLVED! ...
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