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I had such high hopes for the X1 platform and my current HD DVR is starting to get long in the tooth and I was going to go with X1. After seeing all the issues here and on Comcast's own forum I think I will just swap out this box out for another non- X1. Guess it's still not ready for prime time even a year later!
Glad to see I'm not the only one with my Tos HD-A2 still in my active set up. I bought a good number of titles when places were blowing them out. I still say this was the better format, but lost out. Just like the VHS - Beta which was likely won because the porn industry picked VHS. I still think the HD-DVD looks better than my 2 year old Pio Elite Blu-ray. I still break out those moves to watch them in the A2.
Way back in 2004-5 JVC came out with a line of D-ILA rear projection displays. Other companies tried with the similar technology (Philips with LCOS) but it was never successful. Philips had QC issues and gave up. I don't recall to many complaints about the JVC sets. I wonder if any of the owners\past owners are still out there. This was about the same time that the Samsung DLP was getting traction. So now JVC has introduced their 6th gen D-ILA in a new line of...
Just picked one up last night so the deal is still good. Its a November 2012 build that had FW 2.07 now upgraded to 2.09. I wonder what is driving such a great unadvertised sale? Maybe Pio is releasing a new model soon?
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Lets take the pricing to the pricing threads. Not in here please.
I too am looking to replace an older player. I though when you were looking at mid level to higher end Blurays players with HDMI outputs to AV receivers that decode those loss-less formats the player needed to have an option of bypassing the players decoder and output the raw data via a bitstream?Am I mistaken?
Lets keep the pricing and the retailer links out of the non-Deal Found forums.
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Just a reminder to NOT post any prices besides MSRP. Thanks
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