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Wish I saw this earlier. Gigabit N router with 2 usb 2.0. $22 shipped. Just put tomato or wrt on it http://www.**************/forums/expired-deals/1182506/
We have Replays. We are all stuck at 11/12/1999.
The replaytv clock is CPU cycle based that and only keeps crude time. The clock deviates several minutes every day. The replayTV relies on nightly connections set the clock keeping it accurate. There is a software hack (a custom disk image) that allows you to go into the claw foot portal (243-zones button) and set the timer manually whenever you want. That would be cumbersome but would work. You may have already known all of that, I don't know. Apparently your replay TV...
I just read congress approved $63 billion for the military to build 30,000 unmanned drones for domestic survailence then I read this thread. It's terribly confusing.
EDIT: according to reviews about 1/4 (of reviews) say the refurbs were DOA, and it costs about $8 to ship it back for an RMA. Saw this deal thought I'd post it for ole times sake. Doesn't have a led screen and uses regular batteries (no broken screen and reg batteries makes it a timeless remote, though) YOU got to do your own research to make sure theres no hidden 'lemon' factor. I'm just dropping the link cause the benifits are high and risk is...
Try unplugging replay and modem for 5min then booting them up without Ethernet plugged in. Then connect Ethernet cable directly to modem. Maybe 243zones clear data first Make sure this isn't a fluke before you start scratching your head
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