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Thanks for the detailed reply. I'm still very much in the learning phase for this program but it is starting to make sense to me. This should get me back on track and I appreciate your help.
I just got my first build up and running and after several trials, I have my onkyo prepro working via ethernet and some success using one of my direct tv dvr's via HTTP gateway. I created a device for the DVR in my sunroom and added all of the codes from a downloaded HTTP remote commands for direct tv. After adding the gateway and setting the IP address and including the 8080port, everything worked near perfectly. I then copied the panel and renamed it for my DVR in...
I spoke with AVS yesterday and it probably won't be this shipment but the following shipment one week later. I ordered about the same time as you did or maybe a little later. Mark spoke of this yesterday in the 40, 50, and 60 thread.
Is there an easy way to tell how many rows and columns are in these designs so that the buttons can line up? Love these backgrounds btw
Anydvd comes with a separate ripper. Start>Programs>slysoft folder> Anydvd ripper. Probably a good time to create a shortcut on the desktop. BTW, there is an iso ripper and a ripper that will create the BD folder structure on your hard drive. I have been using the latter and XBMC has been playing them ok
The software side of this has proved to be much more difficult for me than the hardware end. I mentioned before that XBMC doesn't yet handle bitstreaming of the HD audio formats although I have read it is coming. The main reason I chose XBMC was I ran across the Cinema Experience plug in and it was exactly what I was looking for. Basically, it mimics the typical format a commercial theater would have starting with trivia slides, movie trailers, concession commercials,...
Quote: Originally Posted by princeton3 Ok guys, I have a dedicated home theater front projection setup. I was going to go the control4 route and purchase a sony blu ray changer 400 disc. I would have been able to control the changer, etc., from an ipad or touchscreen interface. Down the road, I planned on implementing some degree of whole house automation. Issue: I'm not particularly impressed with the control4 cover art for movies and really like...
Is the Radiance XD in the AVS store HDMI 1.4 or would it require the upgrade? I'm trying to figure the cost difference for the extra inputs and outputs and whether one or the other makes sense for me.
I guess I need to look into the download option for the trailers. Thanks for the info on the stereo; I have been unable to find it anywhere.
Thanks, I'll give it a try. Do you know if Apple trailers are stereo or is there a way to get 5.1 or 7.1? I looked in the trailer settings but I haven't seen anything related to audio. I'm also having issues with some of the trailers buffering and stopping. I did have the setting at 1080P but lowered it to accept 720P and 1080P. I would prefer to stream (I have broadband wired connections with everything on both ends 1GB ports) so that I can see the current trailers and I...
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