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good to hear VidPro, how many hours were on your set before the reset? which model do you have?
I saw that in the article, it was written in Jan. One of the salesmen at Magnolia claimed there was a firmware / software update this month that enabled 4k streaming from Netflix. I didn't have a lot of time to wait for the other salesman to finish with other customers viewing the set, so I could not verify what he told me.
has anyone tried the Netfix 4k streams? they have been available since last Sunday.   http://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-begins-4k-streams/
has anyone verified this set will play the 4k streams from Netfix? They began last Sunday, see here   http://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-begins-4k-streams/
to add to the confusion, a friend bought a 151 at the same time as me, both have Oct 2008 assembly dates, and Aug 2008 panel dates. He has more than 20,000 hours on his set and no red tint or elevated black levels, his RSTP ............... 36. Other than hours, the only difference between our sets is he never ran the break in patterns, where I did for 160 hours. My set has just crossed the 13,000 hour mark, I dropped RSTP to 9, and 1,3, and 4D by 10 each. The red is mostly...
I'll add that in my case on my 151, the red tint began on the bottom right of the screen at @ 500 hrs, and by 1000 hrs the entire screen had a red tint to it. By 2500 hours the tint was invading the pictures blacks.
the date on the exterior is the assembly date, on the inside is the panel manufactured date.
I've seen a 1/4" shift at most with the orbiter on my 151, not 1/2" as described by ALP. Hopefully his problem is the orbiter and not the panel itself.
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