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Quote: Originally Posted by Dahlsim The surface being things like fatalities and boobies of course :-) There is something seriously wrong with mentioning those two things in the same sentence.:)
If it weren't for the handful of Xbox 360 games out for this holiday season, I wouldn't be buying any at all. This is a horrible holiday for games this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by kilmar Another cool feature of DOA4 that NO fighting game has is the ability to win virtual money (Zack Bucks) online and use them to buy cool stuff. There are literally thousands of things to buy, including clothing for your virtual online representation which you can show off in the lobby. You win a match, you win the other person's money. Be a virtual millionaire. Awesome premise. Dare I mention online 4 player tag team...
I think the 2005 is actually better for the Xbox 360 than the 2405. I've got a 2405 and for the most part I am happy with XB360 games on it. The scaling really messes some things up though. Games like PDZ that have a mixture of higher rez textures and lower rez ones, tend to look poor when scaled on the 2405. On the 2005 they look much better to me. It might be a size/native resolution thing, but I definitely prefer the look on the 2005 for several games. I am...
You are judging the system based on launch titles that were more or less rushed to meet this launch. Even though they are rushed, I still think it's strong lineup of decent games. There aren't any showcase games like Halo, but there is fun to be had. Plus, while we wait for the true nexgen games to show up, we have the really, really cool Xbox Live arcade stuff to play around with in addition to some nice multiplayer action. I'm happy. I just wish Oblivion were out:(
This thread is ridiculous. Amir has been a valuable contributor to this forum. Whether you agree with what he says or not at least he is open about who he works for and provides us with a lot of good information. Plus, he has contributed plenty of posts in other sections of this website too. Industry involvement is a good thing. This is the only real discussion area in all of AVS forum that gets this kind of attention. When the HD format wars are over this area...
I really find these threads interesting when they focus on technical issues and even some of the "soap opera" behind the scenes political stuff that goes on with the media, CE, and software companies involved. I don't however find these threads interesting when they degenerate into people's anti-Microsoft rants. I get enough of those from Slashdot I would prefer not to see them here.
The 42" has an image area that is roughly 70 percent larger. Size is nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by stromm And I point out again, DELL is advertising the 2405FPW in multiple catalogs as 1680, not 1920. But in others as 1920. Do you have any links for those? On their website it is pretty clear: 1920x1200.
The 2005FPW is at that resolution (1680x1050) . The 2405FPW is 1920x1200.
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