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here is a great website for all things SSD They also have a very knowledgeable forum Check it out http://thessdreview.com/
AVS has always been the best and my go to spot for info and purchases
What is going on with the packaging and pricing for this release. the single bluray ( http://www.amazon.com/Greater-Glory-Blu-ray-Peter-OToole/dp/B008GFZWKO/ref=sr_1_3?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1346867056&sr=1-3&keywords=for+greater+glory) in the normal blue edged case is 31.99 and a supposedly 2 disk set bluray and dvd is 22.99. the box on the 2 disk set is brown, I have not seen...
What is e-shift?
I rented the bluray from net flix and they still show it is available
thanks, that will get me started
My last build was Aug 2007. I am very much behind the times and technology. Some of the sites I used last time to get suggested component lists no longer seem to offer that Any suggestions welcomed. If you have a 120gb SSD and a second standard HD, does only the OS go on the SSD and you install all games and software on the HD. I hope to go with an I5 or maybe I7, but need suggestion for good rock solid MB and aftermarked cooler. I prob won't OC, but reliability is...
Glad it worked for you, still working for me also, keeping fingers crossed
I am not seeing any facebook thing, maybe just lucky so far. Are you logged into facebook at all times? I am not in facebook so maybe that is why I don't see it
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