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The manufacturing process makes it so that no two sets are really alike. Sharing settings is somewhat fool's gold. CFC
The "modern" app is Hulu Plus, so it's pay to use; the desktop app was/is basic free Hulu.CFC
That's not surprising at all.Variances from set to set, and different room lighting makes sharing settings pretty fruitless usually.You'd be better off using a good calibration disk like Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark, or the forum's own AVS HD 709.Good luck,CFC
Yes, I changed to a more sturdy cable that's 1.4 certified.For me, the popping and crackling was constant, not just on volume adjustments or anything like that, so I could tell the new cable helped right away.That being said, I'll be catching up on some shows tonight through Netflix, so I'll report back if I get any more issues with more extended viewing.CFC[Update]I can confirm. No crackling or popping issues whatsoever with the better HDMI cable after extended viewing....
Thanks!That did it for me as well. LG goes out of their way to make it sound like "Simplink" is proprietary, which is why like you, I also had it turned off.Had to get a better HDMI cable as I was getting some weird sound pops and scratches initially. All good now.Now the built-in smart apps are a thousand times more enjoyable with proper 5.1 sound.CFC
I used the one for the power cord, but my network cable was too thick to accomodate the other one.CFC
The Windows 8.1 client is already looking really impressive. I'm actually looking forward to it more than "Theater". Would love to use this with my RT tablet. CFC
Micro Center is advertising a 60" 1080P plasma TV this weekend for $599: http://dimages.bfi0.com/images/4800012/12327302/tv_banner2.jpg I'm assuming it's this LG. CFC
You'll be better off using a THX disc, or some other calibration disc like "Spears and Munsil".Variation between sets make this a really futile attempt.Good luck.CFC
FYI, the latest software update added Amazon Instant Video.It added a couple more apps as well, or at least, some I hadn't seen previously like Crackle.Still liking the TV, and now it's gotten a little better.CFC
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