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EPIX are premium movie channels. I called Time Warner and they told me that they indeed were starting sometimetoday.I found the channel numbers but as of now, the programing hasen't started yet. The free trial runs till 6/18/14.The channel numbers are as follows:591 EPIX E HD592 EPIX W HD593 EPIX 2 HD594 EPIX 3 HD595 EPIX Drive In SDThis is all the info I have now. If anything changes, I'll try to let you know. The only thing that seems strange to meis that HD is usually...
Has anyone seen or herd anything about EPIX? TWC was going to offer a 3 mo free trial starting today thru 6/ 18/ 14. It was going to offer 1 SD and 3 HD channels. Ben Music
After a 9 month wait, I also got my 1.09 upgrade this morning on my m601-a3. There seems to be a lot of recent postsfrom M-series owners that finally got the 1.09 update. Maybe Vizio is in catch up mode and finally rolling it out to all that don't have it.Ben Music
Don't feel bad. I've been waiting since 6/13. Ben Music
Love my ROKU 3 , but having a hard time figureing out how to get my 2 free movies from M-go. I'm all signed up and even watched my first movie witch I thought was going to be the first free one out of two. However it was instantly charged to my credit card. I contacted M-GO but got no reply. Please help if you can. Ben Music
Just a quick question. Is there anyplace that I can purchase the AVS-709 HD disc? Ben Music
Got a question for you guys. After you hit the input button on the remote, is there any way to hide the unused input labels from the list? Thanks, Ben Music
I have a panny BDT-310. It plays 3d blu-ray's with no problem. What I'm I am having trouble with is getting 2d-3d conversion to work. After following the instructions in the 310 manual, all I end up with is a scrambled picture.Has anyone been able to get this to work? My tv is a Vizio M601-a3r. Ben Music
No. I'm trying to do the 2d to 3d conversion on my Panasonic 310 Blu-ray player which supports 2d to 3d. Only then do I try to play it back through my M601d. It should work,but all I get is a scrambled picture.Thanks for your reply to my question. I've asked about this problem several times, but your the only one to try and answer it. Perhaps the good information you posted above will help someone else.Ben Music
New Posts  All Forums: