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So what really happens when an "upscaling" DVD player scales to 1920 x 1080i? Does the information first get de-interlaced to 480P, scaled to 1080P, then re-interlaced to 1080i. Or does the information simply get scaled from 480i to 1080i? If the latter is true, then much of the HQV processing is pretty much useless. I have tried 480i hdmi to a well known scaler with terrible results as well as 480i directly to the 004 with better results than the previous. Neither...
No doubt that the 59Avi looks good and suprisingly so does the Sony NS975. I am wondering if the scaling in the 5910 is a bit better than the 59Avi with less jagged edges. I will get a chance to try the 5910 as well as the new pre-production Classe player that should support 1080p 24sf which will reduce the amount of judder during pans.
Has anyone used/using a Denon 5910 outputting 1080i into the Q004 vs other players such as the Pioneer Elite 59Avi? I have tried several players (except the 5910), and so far the 59avi produces the best images on this projector.
Has anyone posted the custom timings for the Bravo D2 DVD player/Sony KDF60XBR950 yet? Searching did not provide any results for me. Thanks.
Has anyone posted the custom timings for the Sony KDF60XBR950 yet? Searching did not provide any results for me.
Yes, that is my train of thought as well. However, you never know till you try, and it will be an easy a/b comparison if I can get the two to talk to each other.
Anyone using this combo have success in connecting an hdmi-dvi cable and get an image? No problem using component to get the 480p, but I rather scale from the Pioneer and keep it digital if it proves to be better.
Mark, I'm using a HTPC from Cellar Cinemas with the H3DII card/9800ProMp-1 as well as my SDI Merdian 800 DVD player all connected to my G90. Personally I have never seen a better image from DVD, and with this config there has never been a issue with "lock-ups" or any other pc problem. Actually, the image quality is leaps ahead of any other scaler solution I have used and there have been many. BTW, no noise, and quite a bit sharper than even the top end digital...
Hi Lon, I don't visually see a green push in the image, however I do not have a D-VHS unit with the DVE tape to confirm with my colorimeter. If it is there, then it is minor. Anyway, once you see the dynamic images running 1080p HD with your G90 you'll never go back to interlaced! :cool:
Ofer, I have "retired" from T*A*W as well as my 19 year long successful stretch with my retail businesses...But this retirement may only be a temporary thing. :)
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