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A Bing or Google search on the model number will find lot better prices then the price you posted. I am surprised that a full array LED backlit model has different light levels in the corners this problem normally only occurs on edge lit backlighting models. A local dimming LED backlit model will have better picture quality then a full array LED backlit model which has the same light level over the entire array.
Is your power line frequency (50 or 60 cycle) match the frequency required by both the TV and the two game units?
The HDMI receiver chip is the most power fluction sensitive chip in most TVs especially TV models which are several years old. Does your TV power line have a surge protector?
If the SD programing is received as standard NTSC SD resolution then the Sony probably does do a better job of upscaling it to todays 720p,1080p and 4K TVs. If the SD original programing is up scaled by the TV station to and is broadcast in 720p or 1080i then top of the line models of all of the top tier manufacturers do an excellent job, howeve4r probably does the best in scaling to 1080p displays. Currently a lot of attention is being given to what manufacturers will...
Unless you are a gamer who uses 720p based games I see no point in not getting a 1080p model I have seen 1080p models as small as 19" advertised. On of the 1080p 32" model is also more likely to have Smart TV features.
In Southern California many 2013 LCD models have full array LED backlighting without local diming. These are less expensive to manufacture and have no flashlighting problems causes by edge lit LED backlighting. These LCD models are advertised as LED or LED/LCD models. They are AFAIK however thicker then the edge lit models but not enough IMHO to matter.
Analgraph 3D source and playback is done as 2D. A 3D DVD player will only 3D content using the current 3D blu-ray standard format and will send it to your TV in HDMI 1.4a packed buffer format. Not all versions of the popular PC based DVD players will play standard 3D disk in 3D. The top models now do but some lower end players do not.
What different brightness and contrast settings are in the mode you are using. see the following Link: http://www.ehow.com/info_12217949_dynamic-settings-samsung-lcd.html
At 10 feet I would be more worried about neck strain due to the amount of the up angle to view the screen. I see no problem with ventilation since the LCD screen uses a lot less power then your RP unit did Have you considered using a low stand where you had your RP model so that you can have your eyes at the recommended center of the screen viewing level. A stand also lets you have any STBs such as a DVR, or DVD player right under the TV. I suggest going to a store and...
Does the documentation from TW for the smart hub STB tell you how to enable/choose the startup option that you say it has?
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