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I appreciate you responding . I have a hand held GPS . For better or worse , I bought a Milion ( Eonon ) D2229 Chinese DVD Double Din Head End Unit , last night , on EBay . I do have another question about it . It shows an " Iso Port " cable with power , ground , speakers , etc . Does anyone know anything about it ? Thanks , God bless Wyr
I drive a company truck . 2008 Chevy Silverado . The radio / CD player is dieing . :-( I think my boss will pay for replacing the head end unit & the price point is probably going to be around $ 200 or a little more . I listen to AM , FM and audio book MP3 files . I would like to get a DVD / GPS . Looks like I am going to need a double DIN unit ? I do not wish to watch DVD's , I want the greater storage of a DVD blank to burn a larger number of audio book files to...
There are hundreds of locals , nation wide , that DN carries , to carry all of these in HD ( DN & DTV are already digital ) would require enormous bandwidth . Only way I can think to minimize this , some , would to be able to build sats with massive numbers of spot beams that had super tight spot beams , aimed super accuratly ? Wyr
I may be wrong , but I think all the new Standard Definition sets larger than 13" are required to come with Digital Tuners ( not HDTV tuners ) ? Wyr
I am thinking about getting UTV , but have not found mant on the CompUSA , Circuit city & Best Buy web sited . Would appreciate info on models , price & avalability . Please PM me or email me . Thanks, Wyr WyrTwister@hotmail.com
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