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[QUOTE="OK I'm sorry it says that 35 out of 38 games are going to be in hidef, which would mean that some of this weekends games have to be in hidef for it to meet those requirements." It still counts even if you don't have a way to receive the HD broadcast.
They did today, on the "ready for HD?" channels. It says you need the HR20/HR21 box.
Thanks. Surprising that it isn't debuting at the same time, I would have thought that is why D* would have paid for the exclusivity. I don't know of any kids that would wait a week just to see it in HD.
Any word on what channel this will be on DirecTV? I just searched on the HR20, but I am only getting the regular Disney channels.
I wonder if Corwin's "dance" with the elephant made the final cut.
What is more inferior- the black screen because you refuse to pay or the actual moving images on your screen you would get from D* or E*? Trust me, I'm watching all those channels and I really can tell the ball from the players from the referee, etc. And for everyone stating there is no demand, why are there two full-time soccer channels and one PPV, almost exclusively broadcasting soccer? Plus the FSE and ESPNDep channels that have soccer rights packages different than...
Yes, it has a 30 second skip button. However, unlike the Tivos, it takes just a second or two longer as it actually shows the screen. (So it is like a controlled 30 second super-fast fast forward).
I'd have to think with the recent unveiling of the new studio they are least heading that way. I would like to get an idea of when, though.
Anyone else notice the new set on Channel 8 news? Any word on an upgrade to HD- hard to imagine in this day and age making such a significant change to a set without an eye to making it HD-ready.
Bingo! 3 networks in Indianapolis are on D* in HD, thereby increasing their viewership. These stations have seen the benefit and have worked out an agreement with D*. Wonder how much this will change when HD becomes part of the Nielsen ratings (it is my understanding that there is no way currently to track viewership of HD).
New Posts  All Forums: