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Has anyone who is currently with Insight in Fishers heard anything directly from Insight or Comcast about the change?
Link, please.
OK, someone please explain this to me... There will never, ever, ever be ST or EI OTA. So in order to be able to view the Service (Out of Market Games) at all, anywhere, you have to buy a pay TV service. Why the hell would Congress be able to force a league to sell the Service to all pay TV services, rather than an Exclusive Provider? Aren't they (shouldn't they) only (be) worried about more and more of the Local games moving away from Free OTA?
Quote: Originally Posted by HDTVFanAtic Actually, considering that NFL Network is in close to 35% of the homes in America, its in A LOT MORE than HDNET or INHD. Not NFL HD...
Quote: Originally Posted by HD AV For all of those screaming for dual buffers, the HR20 has a better implementation. Check out the UNOFFICIAL Tips and Tricks on DBStalk.com. You can watch, and pause, 2 shows at once - One live, one recording. It is not a better implementation, it is a workaround for the missing function.
Quote: Originally Posted by TulsaCoker Is not CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC National Networks? OK, 4 down, 96 to go. If you're talking about these channels as National Channels, I don't think you get to count them 25 times each. :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by JimsArcade I didn't realize ESPN changed their minds. When I watched the games today, I was highly disappointed by the same old 4:3 presentation and the SD scoreboard. Very disappointing. :( You must also not have realized it was only for the Thursday Night Game... ;)
Quote: Originally Posted by davehancock keenan, Thanks for the clarification. I couldn't tell that from auribe14's post. And as you point out, this thread is about shutting down DVR service, one would think that the link did pertain to DVRs. Yep, sorry. I got a little overzealous and wasn't paying the proper attention. But boy, E*'s got quite an attorney billing running right now, don't they?
Looks like E* will be shutting it down after all. As if their feet weren't already in the fire...
Quote: Originally Posted by foxeng I would think that local sports nets would be on the spot beams leaving the CONUS birds bandwidth available. The local sports nets are all on the national birds in SD, why wouldn't they (once they have the bandwidth) do the same in HD? It would be easier for them to provide HD versions of the MLB, MLB and NBA Season Tickets if they had all the (originating) sports nets such as YES, etc. on their own national HD...
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