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It appears that all the video clips on the CNN website are 16 x 9, but certainly not HD. However, the picture is very clear in most cases. I wonder if they are filmed in HD, or just SD widescreen.
Quote: Originally Posted by vurbano Why would I? The entire MLS is crap. Id sooner go watch High School soccer. They cannot dribble, pass, they tire very easily and none have the creativity or skills of any of the La Liga players. The Spanish LaLiga players run circles around these bums. Wow! Did I miss somehow that D* is sponsoring or co-owning part of MLS now. I figure that has to do with some of your vitriol, because a lot of it is off base....
Your location would help, of course, answer the question better. But if you have good OTA reception now for your HD channels, you might as well get the current box. Especially if you can get D* to commit to a free exchange when the new one comes out.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbarloewen but if your only connection to a team is through your TV box, then you're not really a fan of that team at all because you have no connection to it. Try explaining that to Atlanta Braves fans throughout the Southeast, Cubs fans across the country and the Dallas Cowboys fans that made them the original "America's Team".
Before, you added them for a price. Now, you drop them for a discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by TVOD Follow Fox. I guess after The One they will think twice about spending the extra money for HD. It's still better than 4:3 SD, so it's a step forward. However if they don't letterbox it on the SD transmission, than all we are getting is some fluff on the edges. No meaningful content outside the 4:3 safe zone.
Quote: Originally Posted by sangs At least I was ruining my Friday nights of high school to stay home and watch Vice, but what the hell were you doing watching TV on a Friday night in college??!! My boys would have hung me by my man parts had I tried to pull that. :D Freshman in an academic dorm- this must have been the last season, though, because I don't remember sitting around my sophomore year! ;) And yes, anything before 10 pm was rather...
Quote: Originally Posted by vj9999 I think FIFA should employ a rule where if a player goes on the ground as if both of his legs were broken, wastes 2-3 minutes of playing time and then comes back in to play as if nothing happened an immediate yellow. I've been telling people a similar solution for years. Player goes down, referee comes over and give him 2 options. One chance to get up, or goes off the field for 5 minutes of clock. If player...
Lou Seal
Quote: Originally Posted by thefatguy Thought I'd start a thread....did a search and didn't see any info about it. 8/7c Saturday, July 22 MIAMI VICE: UNDERCOVER Note that on DirecTV is it only listed as Miami Vice with the episode titled "Brother's Keeper" and the episode description. No mention of any special stuff, but it is 3:00 hours. Also doesn't specify HDTV yet.
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