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Consider the source, but Swanni is predicting another a buyout of E* by D*. Good thing or bad thing regarding availability and quality of HD programming on the resulting service if it goes through?
I watched a bit on Saturday, and every time they went to a "beauty shot", it was SD with framing!?!? Sure, the golf course is nice looking, and lots of stars, but if you're going to show the mountains or a long shot of the lake, do it in HD!
Quote: Originally Posted by epsilon Euro qualifying starts next month: http://www.uefa.com/competitions/eur...ing/index.html Group B is of particular interest with Italy and France in it. I wonder if the final tournament will be in HD. I believe that last one was, so this one should be.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Mason American Century championship , not a significant major IMO, starts at 2 pm, ET Today and 3 pm ET Sunday, according to the HD Sports Guide . But my NY Times sports page shows it starting at 4 pm today on NBC in HD, along with the Champions Tour match on CBS in 480i and upconverted 1080i at 4 pm ET. -- John By now you've certainly discovered that not only is it not a significant major, it isn't even the...
That's an oxymoron, isn't it?
If you want a perfect example of the clutter to send to someone in charge, take a screen cap in the 23rd minute (23:44?) from the Sweden-Paraguay game. There were the top and bottom bars, the two drop downs from the top bar, and a big blurb on the screen as well- all while Sweden were playing the ball. A comparison to the US Open golf coverage would be pathetic. And the rear sound seems to be rather sporadic- I think I had it for one of the games yesterday.
Did anyone else notice that the white logo that "wipes" the screen before replays is the one from WC 2002? WTF?!?!?!?!
Quote: Originally Posted by 1stHD For those who don't have ESPN2 HD, one solution might be that you record the game first to DVD recorder and then watch it. The picture quality can be better. I had recorded some program from analog signals to my DVD recorder and then watched them from the hard drive and the pics became better. But for a game, I always want to watch it live. ??????????
Quote: Originally Posted by Sluggonics Well, at least I got to see the Little 500 at IU in HD this year! Interesting when a college amateur sporting event that's unkown outside of the state of Indiana gets HD treatment, but somehow the same technological achievement is beyond the reach of the state's most famous sporting event. And everyone knows why the Little 5 is in HD, right?
Nope, not a single hint, peep, nothing. Highly unlikely.
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