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Looks like Michelle has an inkling of what's coming up, judging by her actions after her arrest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Belcherwm Just saw a commercial. Newly Remastered and in High Definition. That's great to see, because my HDTivo Guide info is not showing it as HDTV.
Guess Mark C was right, too, in his interpretation of the exclusivity to HDNet.
FYI, channel 29 is WB. WTTK(okomo), instead of WTTV, I believe. Mirror programming to channel 4.
Stretching a little too thin? And how exactly will this effect the story, I wonder. Maybe in my original reference to this, I saw that it was to be about another group of people on the island
Nope, Sacramento(-Modesto-Stockton) is #19. Second group.
Quote: Originally Posted by liferules MIchaelz, greemmy, and shane: Yep, call me the fool for wanting a movie to actually use up ALL the screen of my TV! Boy I feel stupid! Shame on me... glad I have several erudite members to straighten my "ignorant"and "joe six-pack" ways. Thanks for being so open minded on these forums. :p It is sites such as "The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page" that make me cringe of all the nerds out there that have...
Quote: Originally Posted by evil Best Buy in Schaumburg has the H20 in stock, maybe they also have the new dishes to. I'll tell you right now they don't, from here in Indiana. It has been stated many, many, many times on this board that there will not be any dishes in retail stores. Certainly not during the test when DirecTV wants a little control.
What happens when you have something that should be round on the screen?
Originally, they mentioned the Top 30 markets. I think that people started saying 24 when it was announced the first group was 12. But even then, they skipped Seattle, I think, so they are up to 13 (+12 more = 25)! :-) At least I can hope it works that way.
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