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Neither MACC or YPAO, even the newest version, do much for low frequency problems.Audyssey and ARC, and possibly others, do.
Someone should ask a moderator/gort to change the thread title. It's not true.
Just curious, because I know a lot of people trash the RS meter, but I think the old analog meter is more accurate than most people realize: when you say that it's only 1 or 2 dB different, is that with a broadband test tone? Have you ever looked at individual frequencies? Just curious. I've only ever used a Radio Shack meter, mostly for double checking the levels that Audyssey gives me, and I've never felt the need to get a calibrated mic. Thanks !!
Seems to me there are a lot more people who have gotten benefit from Audyssey/ARC/etc than those who haven't. Just peruse the many threads on Audyssey, ARC, Anthem, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, etc. threads across AVS. And even some of the posts in this thread.It's simple physics: you have low frequency sound waves that have wavelengths on the order of the width, height, and length dimensions of your room. Constructive and deconstructive interference will occur. You can...
You're very wrong. A long long time ago, I didn't EQ my sub, but I balanced levels as best I could with a Radio Shack meter. (Even using the low freq compensation coefs.)I had either, a) a boomy low end, or, b) a thin sounding low end. a) I had a nasty peak that was dominating the low frequency range, hence the boominess. Or, b) I turned down the level by ear such that the boominess was gone, but then the rest of the low freq range sounded thin.I got a BFD and...
Sounds like there's something wrong with it, and it needs to be repaired. My first 8801 was dropped by UPS (one corner of the box was mooshed), and did strange things. Swapped it for one that worked.
I have always thought that Audyssey should have a very easy to implement option, of just EQ'ing the room say below a user selectable point of 300-500 Hz. I also think that their software should offer higher levels of RLO than 15 dB too. Give the customer more choice!
Try completely unplugging the DVR. Sometimes satellite installers create a new ground instead of tying the satellite ground to the pre-existing house ground. Why? Because they're lazy. There could be a voltage potential between the satellite ground and the house ground that's creating the hum. The 7005 might just be more sensitive to that.
I wouldn't say that YPAO is a joke necessarily, but ... People ask why there isn't more feedback on the Yamaha units. Well, I have a Marantz 8801, and I'm following this thread, because I've owned some Yamaha gear in the past, and I also really have liked their DSP. But ... a room EQ solution that doesn't deal with room nodes created by low frequency constructive and deconstructive interference, frankly, I just don't understand that.
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