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I do give manufacturers the benefit of the doubt if at least they will make a situation right with a screwed up component. I have an SVS sub. The amp died. But they were very awesome in getting me a replacement, and then the instructions to replace it myself. I wouldn't hesitate in a second to buy another sub from them. And I had a Pio DV-05 player die on me. Out of warranty too. Known drive problem a lot of those players had. I had to pester them, but they...
I'd be curious if someone with an older machine, and then someone with a newer machine could try this and see if it works, and what the revs are.
I think he's asking for a link to that info. I think the latest f/w I've heard of is 1.526? (Earlier in this thread.)
I think that you will be surprised. Just for the 3930, Faroudja is gone, so there will be no more macroblocking for people with susceptible displays. Plus, the explanation I heard for the increase in layer change delay from the 2900 to the 3910, even though both have buffers, was the Faroudja processing in the 3910. So there's the hope that the layer change on the 3930 will be as good as the 2900. Which is among the best there is.
I'd be surprised if there weren't. There have been at least 3 firmware upgrades to the 59AVi. And by one count, as many as 5. That brings up a question: I've never seen anyone mention the firmware level of a 79AVi. Has anyone ever followed the instructions for the 59AVi to see if they could see that info for the 79AVi? (In the first post of the big long 59AVi thread I think.) I personally still hope that Pioneer would address the video differences between the two...
I thought about this and thought about this, because I have *never* heard of any player upsampling 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz and not giving you a choice in the matter. (And I *do* read a lot of HT mags in addition to places like here and HTF and Audio Asylum, etc.) I think I figured out how that guy got confused. A lot of modern DVD players *do* have a setting for LPCM output. In the old days, a lot of receivers and pre/pro couldn't accept a 96 kHz signal. So players...
I say "some". I don't know if I ever changed my mind based on what a component looks like, but it's certainly a factor when deciding between them.
Sounds like the guy is putting forth a lot of conjecture. Besides, a lot of players now feature upsampling to 96 kHz. I'm not going to say it's a good or bad thing, but I do know that some people like the effect. (And the Anthem AVM's and D1 upsample withiin the pre/pro.) In the old days, sample rate converters didn't necessarily do a good job. But today, I'd be surprised if anyone could actually hear the difference between a 16/44.1 CD and one upsampled to 48...
One of my favorite books. Hilarious and heavy at the same time. Local paper reviewed it and said it stayed pretty close to the book. They gave it 3 of 4 stars. I still remember the ending to the book at least. :) Can't wait to see it.
I had a Sony TA-E9000ES pre/pro, and now a Lexicon. Both can display what the freq and bit depth of the source is. At least with the Pio players I've had, they are were all native 44.1/16. What players output 48kHz for CD? I am not aware of any.
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