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My 23 year old daughter lives in CA and her really good friend has been a friend of Sheeran's for quite some time. Last year they had gone to his concert in LA and were at the after concert party with him. I don't remember all the details but my daughter started talking to a mom outside that had brought her teenage daughter to the concert for her birthday. I think that happens quite a bit because he has lots of young fans. Chloe Moretz was there with her dad. Anyway...
Two more downers... Joe (1970) It was nominated for an Oscar but seemed to had been forgotten for sometime until recently. Susan Sarandon's first film role. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065916/awards?ref_=tt_awd Elvira Madigan Mandatory viewing if you considered yourself a hippy back in the day. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061620/?ref_=nv_sr_2
In Hawaii, there's really only Woodcraft that carries Festool. So $585. plus tax. I actually bought the Makita from Amazon for $268., no tax and free shipping. The kit with the guide was not available. It arrived in a cardboard box with a little paper padding and seems fine. The Makita container did have some weird stickers, but I don't think they were shipping stickers, the box and saw seem in perfect shape. It doesn't seem like it was a returned unit. Home Depot...
I just bought the Makita since it was on sale and free shipping. Just can't find deals in or to Hawaii on Festool products. One thing I think I could add is check out the CleanStream filters for your vacs. Super easy to clean, can even wash them and they are HEPA . They will last a long time which makes them well worth the extra cost of about $30. http://www.cleanstream.com/products/landing_shopvac_genie.html
I have trouble accepting Bugatti morphing into an outer space vehicle company from a high end super car company and then using a design reminiscent of a 140 old vehicle. It would be interesting to see how they beat out Boeing or GE for that position.
And don't forget the Bugatti Veyron shuttle.
Last show of the second season was just so classic. Don't want to give anything away. Watch the series. Way better than most shows.
Season two now streaming!
Heads Up. Season Two now available on Netflix streaming!
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