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You say two coasters now, until you actually put it on for your kids in the other room to watch, unless of course your kids are 25 years old and don't want to watch the movie. You are definately in the minority opinion on this one. I for one am glad I DON'T have to spend $28 on the Blu-ray and THEN another $20 on the SD-DVD if I want another copy for my son's room.
Try getting the latest version then. I used the version from the links here and didn't have a problem at all.
Yeah, you're only going to get so far without the service menu adjustments. However also remember your set is going to look different than my set due to bulb luminance and such. So my settings may not be perfect for your set. If you don't want to use the service menu controls, I would suggest the DVE basics disc as it will at least help you with your main controls. And if you can live with the fact that the green filter is worthless, you could try to use the red and...
I'd stop there, just my opinion. You are not going to see a discernable difference in .2. But also make sure your Y is on or close as well. I only got 2 colors to hit all three dead on. The other colors I was usually able to get y to line up and x and Y to get within .4-.5. After a while I gave up trying to get all three to go.
What is your picture mode set to? Try changing it to Natural and everything else should show.
peterho3 I had the same problem with my filter. I gave up on the DVE disc after that.
Ok Dub, here is what I got: Picture: Natural Deepfield: On Video Noise: Off Color Temp: Low Sharpness: 40 Tint and Color: 31 each Brightness: 32 Contrast: 52 PerfectColor Settings: Magenta - 39 Red - 41 Yellow - 31 Green - 43 Cyan - 37 Blue - 21 In the service menu, I'll list only what I changed. Assume default otherwise: 6. GRL - 1067 7. GBL - 1018 37. SBL - 124 43. SML - 119 44. HML - 50 52. BMR - 9 53. BMB - 65526 57. CMG -...
I actually thought it was great until I used the HDAVS disc. Even after I couldn't get greens to line up with the color filter I used it to calibrate my original grayscale. Then the difference between the AVS and DVE discs made me start over. Just trying to save you the same amount of time.
Takenover83, a word of advice. If you are going to use the curtpalme link, which is fine, don't buy the DVE Basics DVD. Use the AVSHD-709 disc for the entire walkthrough. The patterns are brighter on the AVS disc, and after you calibrate your grayscale and start calibrating colors, you will never get it close. I ended up scrapping all my settings from the DVE disc and starting from complete scratch with the AVS disc, grayscale and all. Took me twice as long, and...
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