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I'm using these in my 8 year old house. I get a pretty consistent 60Mbs from a unit in the basement to a second floor bedroom.
MCE is a feature included in some versions of Vista. It's not being marketed as a seperate OS, like it was with XP.
I'd try Fry's. There's one in Manhattan Beach.
To answer number 1: yes, you can get by with just the spdif, the 360 passes out what it gets, so if the source is 5.1 that's what it passes back. WMA files that are encoded with surround audio seem to get converted to 5.1 dolby. At least that's what my receiver recognizes it as. The only annoying thing I've found with the 360 is the limited sensitivity of the IR receiver for the remote. You pretty much have to be pointing your remote at the 360 for it to get the command.
Yep, I have that IR receiver and it works find with the 680. Sorry, I can't help you with the cursor control, I've never tried it.
MCE has a remote/receiver combination that you can buy and Logitech has a MCE profile that works just fine with it. My xbox 360 works just fine with my 680 and the MCE profile, I didn't have to change a thing. The xbox 360 has a horrible IR receiver though. It was annoying at first, but it's got me trained to the point where I don't notice it so much anymore.
My Xbox 360 used as an extender plays WMA lossless just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by egore So I assume this is a problem with MPEG2 compression, would MPEG4 compression perform better in this type of situation. Allot of sat companies are moving to MPEG4 compression. It won't help. They'll be running mpeg4 compression against an mpeg2 stream that's already been destroyed by the strobes. All you'll get out of that is the same pixelated mess in a lower bitrate.
Ahhhh, that explains it. I just finished watching CSI and I was thinking "Hey, that was actually good!". I didn't realize they had Tarantino directing.
Quote: Originally posted by Rob Tomlin Anyone else think now would be a good time to buy stock in Cablevision? Might be a good time to short CVC. The stock's been going up recently on the possibility of selling off Cablevision and even more recently on the announcement that Voom would be shut down/sold off. If Chuck's new board-buddies keep Voom going, the stock's going to drop as the black hole starts sucking cash again. Even if they end up selling...
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