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I saw one UN55EH6001 box that they soon put away as black Friday deal. I am not sure what this 6001 model is. Anyone? There is also a 6003 model. I just dont understand why they make so many confusing models.I dont feel bad because this UN55EH6001 had the CH01 version number on the box. So even if they have a big sale I dont want that version
Well UN55EH6000 is already sold out in all the Best Buy stores in my area (within some 25-30 miles)!! I should have bought it when it went on sale a week ago for $879! I was told that they are not going to get anymore, not even for Christmas. I can only order online and get it shipped but I dont want to do that as I have to check the version on the box. Anyway... Not that I badly need one. I have a 46" SONY. So will wait till next Thanksgiving
I was going to ask a similar question. The model number on Samsung website for a 55" EH series is UN55EH6000F where as at BB it is UN55EH6000FXZA. What is the difference? Just that this is for BestBuy like COSTCO models have a different number?
The 55" EH6000 is $879 at BB. Most likely this is the Black Friday price. The sales guy there has no clue where to find the version. This should not come as a surprise. I have to take a printout and show it to him.
Yep those are the dimensions for the EH6000 model also, from the website. But you never know as there could be typos.How come the 50" EH6000 model is only $799 at BB even before Black Friday? May be because a lot of people returned the EH6000's as the BB lot didnt have the TSXX panels?
Could you point out where the internal fuses are located on the 990. The location could be similar on the 1080 also.
Try the loop antenna. It is not difficult to make. You need larger diameter and many turns to get to the higher frequencies. If you Google for loop antenna you will get a lot of info. First you have to do some math to find out what kind of capacitance you need and what length of wire to get to the higher frequencies. There are calculators online to do this. If you dont want to build a loop antenna you can try the one below. I have not seen rave reviews of this. No matter...
Any idea where the internal fuses are located. I opened the case but could not locate the fuses
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